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Share buyback transactions


Raport bieżący nr 38 / 2016
Data sporządzenia: 2016-10-23
Skrócona nazwa emitenta
Share buyback transactions
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Treść raportu:
During the period from 17.10.2016 until 21.10.2016 the following buyback transactions have been made:

Tallinn Stock Exchange:
Date Amount of shares bought back Average share price Cost in total

17.10.16 3 219 2.2423 7 217.96
18.10.16 0 0 0
19.10.16 2 845 2.2700 6 458.15
20.10.16 2 496 2.3400 5 840.64
21.10.16 2 559 2.3400 5 988.06

Total amount: 11 119 2.2938 25 504.81

Accumulated total under the share buyback program since 30.06.2016:
Amount of shares bought back Average price per share _EUR_ Cost in total _EUR_

370 169 2.0974 776 407.47

After the transactions listed above, within the framework of the share buy-back program, approved by the shareholders meeting on 29.06.2016, AS Silvano Fashion Group has acquired 370 169 shares in total for the total amount of 776 407.47 Euros, resulting an average acquisition cost of 2.0974 Euros per share.

With its share buyback program to be carried out in accordance with the held on June 29, 2016 the general meeting of 8 March 2016, by Regulation _EU_ No 2016/1052 supplementing the European Parliament and Council Regulation _EU_ No 596/2014 concerning regulatory technical standards back programs and stabilization conditions applicabl. The programme is managed by SEB Pank AS, which will buy back shares on behalf of AS Silvano Fashion Group. SEB Pank carries out the buyback according to the regulations and within the framework of the programme, and will make its trading decisions independently of, and without influence by AS Silvano Fashion Group with regard to the timing of the purchases.Jarek Särgava
Board Member
Silvano Fashion Group
Tel +372 6845 000
E-mail: info@silvanofashion.com


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