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bmp Holding AG sells its shares in brand eins Medien AG


Raport bieżący nr 17 / 2016
Data sporządzenia: 2016-10-28
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bmp Holding AG sells its shares in brand eins Medien AG
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Treść raportu:
bmp Holding AG _ISIN DE0003304200_ has successfully sold its 35.36% stake in the Hamburg-based publishing house brand eins Medien AG. bmp agreed with the purchaser, CTP Shipping GmbH, not to disclose the exact amount of the purchase price, which was in the lower one-digit million euro range.

The sale now reduces the remaining venture capital portfolio to eight entities that are likewise to be sold in the medium term. The book value incl. loans of the remaining companies stands at approximately EUR 11 million.

Oliver Borrmann expresses his satisfaction with the sale: “With CTP Shipping GmbH and its managing partner, Capt. Thomas Pötzsch, we have successfully found a long term oriented entrepreneur to take over our shares. We intend to use the funds we are receiving to expand our operational activities in the sleep products segment and to reduce our liabilities. In doing so, we are also setting the foundation for additional acquisition opportunities that may arise."

About bmp:
bmp Holding AG _www.bmp-holding.de_ is an e-commerce group focussed on the segment of sleep products _bedroom furniture, beds, slatted frames, mattresses, bedding, accessories_.

Its subsidiaries sleepz GmbH, Matratzen Union GmbH, Ecom Union GmbH and Markenschlaf GmbH run brick-and-mortar stores and online shops in the segment of sleep products, including www.perfekt-schlafen.de, www.markenschlaf.de, www.schlafnett.de, www.matratzenunion.de, www.schlafhandel.de, www.onletto.de, www.schoene-traeume.de and www.matratzendiscount.de.

Via Grafenfels Manufaktur GmbH _www.grafenfels.de_, bmp has also developed a high-quality mattress brand sold through its own online store and numerous stationary retailers.

The Group currently has a total of 66 employees.

Ms. Corinna Riewe, bmp Holding AG, Investor Relations, Tel.: 030-20305567, e-mail: criewe@bmp.com, Fax: 030-20305555


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