bmp AG
bmp Holding AG sells its shares in department one GmbH


Raport bieżący nr 12 / 2016
Data sporządzenia: 2016-08-15
Skrócona nazwa emitenta
bmp Holding AG sells its shares in department one GmbH
Podstawa prawna
Art. 17 ust. 1 MAR - informacje poufne.
Treść raportu:
bmp Holding AG _ISIN DE0003304200_ has successfully sold its 45% stake in the Berlin-based technology provider for loyalty-programs department one GmbH to Growth Solution Provider DCMN GmbH. This generated middle, six-figure proceeds of more than the current book value of the investment.

The sale of department one reduces the remaining venture capital portfolio from 20 investments at the start of 2015 to now 9 entities with a current value of around EUR 13.0 million.Legal Basis: Article 56 section 6 of the Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading, and on Public Companies, as amended.


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  • EUR euro 4,5562 -0,01%  -0,05gr
  • USD dolar 3,7885 -0,17%  -0,65gr
  • GBP funt 5,2655 -0,39%  -2,07gr
  • CHF frank 4,1354 +0,07%  +0,29gr


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